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environmental art, landscape architecture, land art, public art, feminist art, bipoc art, performance art, parson school of design department of architecture, environmental design, caribbean-american artists
Conceived, written and performed as part of a design study with faculty and students at Parsons School of Design, Department of Environmental Design, New York, NY
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Baking dish, water, sand, stones, clay, blood meal, bone meal, dirt, nasturtiums, parsley 9" x 9" x 2"


First choose your site.
We're using a 9" baking dish.
Sprinkle a little water for good luck...

As you sift the sand from the rocks
you'll recall how Brooklyn and Long Island
were formed by the Harbor Hill glacier.
As a glacier moves it creates a ridge,
a moraine of rocks.
Brooklyn is actually made up of the
Harbor Hill moraine...the first
layer of our casserole.

We'll sprinkle water in between
each layer for moisture...

We have our next layer of clay...

And we'll make clay patties...

Oh, about nine of them
should suffice.

Next we have the blood and
bones of our ancestors.
Together they add nutrients
to the soil.

This is how we commemorate and
pay homage.

Now add clean, fresh dirt. Mix together
the blood, the bones and the dirt for a
fertile soil.

Not only do we want our land
clean and healthy enough to
grow food in, we also want it
to be sacred enough for burial.

Now that we have this
attractive surface ready
for planting, place your plants
like so...

Today we're using parsley.

You might also like to try
nasturtiums which are
especially nice in salads.

Again, sprinkle with water,
and do this periodically.

Season with salt of the
streets (broken glass)
but not too much.

Then just put it in the sun for
several generations and in no
time you'll have a delicious park.

You can enjoy complementary activities
with this recipe such as playing sports,
listening to music, quiet relaxation, and
of course, picknicking.

And remember, this is a great recipe
to try with kids!