Leslie Berns creates bodies of work that spring from everyday utilitarian sources and materials. In Bookmarks for a Mixed Race Narrative: Who Could and Couldn’t Marry Whom she uses wood leveling sticks, oil and chalk pastel to graphically interpret and critique Anti-Miscegenation Laws of the Several States: 1932, a historic document she encountered on the internet. Her visual and written memoirs were recently published in The Earth Of Anthology, the culmination of a virtual residency for writers and artists with Arts, Letters and Numbers. Berns has exhibited with the Washington Project for the Arts, the Hirshhorn Museum, Cultural DC Flashpoint Gallery and elsewhere both nationally and internationally. Following her return to the US after living and working in Germany she was a Lecturer in Art at the University of Maryland. Leslie currently divides her time between the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and upstate New York. She earned an MFA from Yale University and a BFA from Pratt Institute.